As well as two meeting each month (usually the first and possibly third Monday), the Council operates a Finance Committee, an Open Spaces Committee, and a Buildings Committee.

The Finance Committee meets quarterly, usually later in the month due to the extra work required in preparing for these following a full Council meeting.

The Open Spaces and Buildings Committees meet at least twice a year, and at other times as pertinent to the projects in progress.

A committee discusses business pertinent to its area of specialization and passes pending decisions back to the full Council for resolution.


Cllr Adams (Chair) / Cllr Burton / Cllr Jones / Cllr Gerrie / Cllr Hill / Cllr Marshall


Cllr Burton / Cllr Marshall / Cllr Paige/ Cllr Stannard


Cllr Adams / Cllr Burton / Cllr Jones/ Cllr Paige.

Council Representatives on Other Bodies
Aid in Sickness = Cllr Adams

Bentham & District Dementia Friendly Community (BDDFC) = Cllr Hill

Bentham Area Refugee Support Group (BARSG) = Cllr Jones

Bentham Christmas Lights = Cllr Burton

Bentham Common Land Charity = Cllr Stannard

Bentham Environmentally Sustainable Town (BEST) = Cllr Paige

Bentham Playing Field Association = Cllr Jones

Bentham Save A Life = Cllr Hill

Bentham Youth Cafe = Cllr Gerrie

Collingwood & Longstaffe = Cllr Marshall

Goodenber Play Area Association = Cllr Adams

LASRUG = Cllr Adams

Longstaffe Educational Foundation = Cllr Burton

Looking Well / Library = Cllr Gerrie

Patient Representative Group = Cllr Stannard

Victoria Institute = Cllr Stannard

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