Welcome to the website of Bentham Town Council

The agenda may be found on the Notice Boards in High and Low Bentham

Our next meeting will be held on Monday 4th December at Bentham Town Hall at 7.30pm

All Town Council Meetings are open to the Public and Press and take place in the Ballroom or Lower Hall of Bentham Town Hall, Station Road, High Bentham, LA2 7LH – unless stated otherwise.

The minutes of our meetings are published in the Minutes section.

The agendas of our meetings are published in the Agenda section.

The town clerks office is at The Town Hall, Station Road, High Bentham, LA2 7LH.

Who to contact

The Town Clerk
Clerk to Bentham Town Council.

Please use email townclerk@benthamtowncouncil.co.uk
or telephone 62587 and leave a message to contact the Town Clerk.


Please email  bookings@benthamtowncouncil.co.uk 

We also maintain a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook.

We have a website About Bentham to promote businesses and events in the Town.

If you need help with contacting support groups during Covid 19 Isolation please use the North Yorkshire County Council dedicated phone line 01609 780 780, They will refer you to your local support teams.


Sandbags are stored in the old toilet block on Grasmere Drive carpark, High Bentham.

The door is usually unlocked in good time.

Also available at :

Wenning Avenue . High Bentham.

Victoria Institute, Low Bentham.


Bentham has Defibrillators located at:

  • The side of the Town Hall, High Bentham.
  • Outside the GP Surgery, Grasmere Drive, High Bentham.
  • Outside the Victoria Institute in Low Bentham.
  • Outside Myers Builders Merchants.

Emergency Plan

Review the Bentham Community Emergency Plan.

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