Welcome to the website of Bentham Town Council.


Our Town Hall is closed and all Council business is being conducted remotely under governmental  advice.
You can contact the Town Clerk by Email, Telephone, Post, or put a note through the Town Hall Letterbox.
It is important that you include your name and address so we can contact you.

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The NEXT meeting of the Full Council will take place on Monday the 13th of July
Apologies for the short notice, This is partially due to a deadline to apply for grants
to assist Bentham from Craven District Council.
This meeting will be via video link, Members of the press or public who wish to attend 
should contact the Town Clerk for the link.
Click the PDF icon for the Agenda.


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There will be a meeting of the Finance Committee on the 13th of July, following the above Full Council meeting,
The Agenda is below, Click the pdf icon.


The minutes of our meetings are published in the Minutes section
once they have been approved at the subsequent meeting.

 There was a meeting of the Open Spaces Committee held on .
the 22nd of June 20.  The minutes of that meeting will be published under our minutes section
once they have been approved at the next Full Council Meeting on th e6th of July.

Christine Downey
Clerk to Bentham Town Council.

Please use email townclerk at benthamtowncouncil.co.uk

or telephone 62587 and leave a message to contact the Town Clerk.


We also maintain a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook.

We have a website About Bentham to promote businesses and events in the Town.

If you need help with contacting support groups during Covid 19 Isolation
Please use the North Yorkshire County Council dedicated phone line 
01609 780 780 
They will refer you to your local support teams.



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