Roads, Pavements and Lighting

Roads, Pavements & Lighting


North Yorkshire County Council is responsible for carrying out repairs and for administering highway legislation via the Highways Act 1980 and the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. This includes planned and emergency maintenance, surveys and street works.

For more information please see NYCC Road Maintenance


Defects will arise on the highway, particularly as more traffic causes more wear and tear. The highway condition can also be damaged by accidents, misuse and the impact of severe weather in particular flooding, snow and ice.

North Yorkshire County Council is responsible for repairing potholes. For more information please see NYCC Roads – Potholes

How do I report a defect or pothole?

Road Gritting

The County Council is responsible for keeping North Yorkshire moving during periods of extreme weather. We have to prioritise our activity as the road network within the County is 9,000km. Our main priority is to keep major routes treated and passable followed by other important routes.

For more information please see NYCC Roads – Gritting


North Yorkshire County Council has responsibility for the maintenance of pavements within the area. They should provide advice on reporting dangerous pavements and what to do in the event of an accident resulting from trip hazards (holes, uneven paving slabs etc.) on the pavement.

For more information please see NYCC Pavement Maintenance

Street Lighting

Most street lighting, illuminated signs and bollards in North Yorkshire are owned and maintained by the County Council.

You can see who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of streetlights by visiting NYCC – Lighting – street lights

Speeding Vehicles

If you are concerned about speeding vehicles in Bentham you can notify North Yorkshire County Council using the Speed Complaint Referral Form.

The form is available in either MS Word or pdf format.